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Well people, what's up? It's definitely been a long while since I've updated this page. The reason it's taken so long is because I own and work on several other pages, so I basically abandoned this one. If you're curious as to what I'm working on now, my newest page is FFDF Headquarters, where you'll find neat stuff. e X p e r i e n c e was the best, but.. *sob* i-it's.. gone..

* MStealthA eats the Cheesy Poops

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-Well, I still -do- consider this site complete, but I guess that now, just for the fun of it (and for those of you who actually do still check this site out), I'm gonna occasionally update it. It is the burger which tells me so..
The links're still available for you bastards that want to leave... *sniff* I'll never forgive you.. never!

If you think Titanic sucks, kiss my ass!

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